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Do you know what bothers me? When people blithely assume that because you have not spoken to them in many months, that you have somehow ceased to be. My dear woman, if you wished to speak with me so much all you need do is ask. After all, I yet live. What bemuses me all the further is that she has barely spoken to Julian in that time so to assert the assumption that Julian - or even worse, that one of our newer members - has become Top Dog simply because... Because, is insulting beyond all belief. 

I still live. Frankly I'd be damned well sure that no-one could push me out before my time, thank you very much. And for what concern it is, I've been talking with many people, merely not people who are you

Eugh. I just hate it when I am constantly dismissed, shrugged off as one would shrug off an unfashionable jacket. For God's sake, don't doubt my spirit to live. I hate this stupid fictional business continually creating an artificial sense that my acquaintances ought to assume I should vanish at a moment's notice. If anything, I am a greater presence here than both our newer members. I have been here for years without disappearing. I probably could not leave even if I wanted to. 

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