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Ah, updates upon a life. Not much has happened, though I endeavour to bring my wolf to meet a few of my acquaintances in a few days, if possible. They will so love an American man- God, with their fluttering attempts at being civilised! They shan't show interest if they at all want to be comfortable about themselves. Ha ha.
I seem to have made a new friend without my knowledge. Hello, new friend, what-ever you may be. I am told you are a magician of some sorts or something? Hm-m. Yes, hello.
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It's a good one.

Oh look, how naughty. Two posts in one day. Deflecting Julian's whack at me!
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People are looking at this. Hello, people.

Frankly it's an odd surprise to find anyone should desire to read this sort of thing, regardless of whether it centers around yours truly or some other dull personage. (Hello, Good!) Hahaha.
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[ profile] wolfwantsblood ,

Oh, tut tut. How disappointing. Well, that hardly gives me enough to irritate you with.

Well, well, then. Only thing left is for you to be obliged (by me, indeed) to tell my good self all about what ideal man you'd prefer.

I'm honestly quite interested.

Yours, (aha.)

Pretty boy


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