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How curious it is to remember that this exists, existed and will exist without so much as my touch. The Internet truly is an extraordinary place- not, to suppose, that such prolonged existence occurs only within the confines of the Internet, but rather the very concept of something "digitalised" and existing through the medium of unreality.

Well, what to say? Such a place for the conception of my thoughts presents one with a daunting task: determining what to say. Oh, good God, and yet I am reminded of how often I find myself completely incapable of spouting anything but the richest nonsense this side of England. I am very good at it.

At any rate, I suppose I may say vaguely that I have been entertaining myself with this and that - Julian himself seems to have acquired the most irritating habit of pleasantly ignoring me unless the time is ripe - that is, he is very keen on assuming I exist only for his idea of fun, a concept I quite neatly extinguished when I removed myself from the vicinity. He heh, it really is quite devilish of me to do so but not less than what he has been putting unto me - I feel quite mistreated. And what has he to say for it? Nothing but "I'm sorry, Dorian! Sorry!"

I digress. Oh, there are persons on-line to conduct conversations with - good.
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I got awfully drunk yesterday. Not such a great idea. I'm sure I did a great many idiotic things but Julian refuses to enlighten me entirely. Hum. Ah well.


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